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Trang Chủ > Sản phẩm > Máy phát điện diesel > Silent Diesel Generator > 10kW để máy phát điện Diesel cách âm 500kw thiết lập
10kW để máy phát điện Diesel cách âm 500kw thiết lập
  • 10kW để máy phát điện Diesel cách âm 500kw thiết lập

10kW để máy phát điện Diesel cách âm 500kw thiết lập

    Đơn giá: 1500~9000 USD
    Hình thức thanh toán: T/T,L/C
    Incoterm: FOB
    Đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 Set/Sets

Thông tin cơ bản

Mẫu số: 10kw-500kw

Additional Info

Bao bì: Trường hợp bằng gỗ

Năng suất: 10000

Giao thông vận tải: Ocean

Cung cấp khả năng: 1000sets/month

Giấy chứng nhận: CE, ISO

Mô tả sản phẩm

Silent Type Generator-- Summarize
The main difference of the silent type genset and normal genset is the silent type add to install the sound eliminator device, it is mainly used to the family and the higher requirement of the noise control. The features as following:
1. All series of soundproof generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top
2. The structure is more compact, the big built-in muffler makes the noise lower;
3. Give up the traditional bottom air intake design, which can avoid dusts and other impurities inhalation and enlarge the area of air intake and discharge.

Silent type genset--structure
The whole machine have the small size, light weight, compact structure features. The the acoustic shield have the attractive appearance, dismounting simpleness and easy operation. the genset also coupled with branded engines, alternator and automatic voltage regulator, and have the excellent performance and reliable operation

Silent type genset--principle
Use the shell to closed the open type generator, and adhere the sound proof material to the inner shell wall. Also, need left the air inlet and outlet place, let te genset suction air and radiating.

The influencing factor of the silent effect:
1. The reasonable design of the air inlet and outlet. The genset power section belong to combustion engine, so it is need enough airflow to make sure the engine sufficient burning and send out the heat during the running. If the air inlet and outlet unbalance, it will effect the genset normal operation, and lead to the genset high water temperature, the power under specified etc. It is will effect the genset life if always running in the high temperature conditions.
2. Sound-proof material choice. The main material in the market is silencer cotton, we use the special cotton to absorb the sound, and achieve the sound-proof effect.

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